Owen installed a new boiler for our heating and hot water systems and continues to provide maintenance and response services.
Went very well.  The new system is a Munchkin with a very high efficiency.  There were a few installation questions about locating the vent pipe, etc. that Owen resolved. He performed his scope well without supervision and the installation design is clean and accessible. Owen has also made some heating system alterations for us.   Very professional work and very highly recommended.

Owen installed a very high efficiency gas boiler for our heating system called a Munchkin Contender. It involved installation of extensive copper pipes but takes up very little space and has saved us a significant amount (30% +) on our heating bills. Owen has done many plumbing and heating jobs for us over the years and has always done an excellent job. He is very knowledgeable and his prices are fair.Owen told us ahead of time the costs involved of the boiler itself and his labor. He gave us information on the Munchkin Contender boiler that he installed and alternative lower cost but lower efficiency boilers so that we could make an informed decision.  It took four plus full days of work on his part.  He left the work area clean and gave us the paperwork and verbal instructions about how it works and what the maintenance costs would be.  We had an old burner there before that he removed. It was amazing how little space the new boiler took and how efficient it has been in terms of heating costs. Owen followed up with us several months later once the heating season had been underway to make sure we were seeing significant savings in our gas usage and bill as he said he could make adjustments if need be, but that was not necessary.
The company replaced our heating/air conditioning systems. They installed 3 Coleman Echelon Series Modualting Gas Furnaces, 2 thermostats, a new programmable two stage thermostat, 3 Coleman Echelon quiet Air Conditioners, and valves, etc. They replaced all freon lines from the condenser to the new cooling equipment. They removed all the old furnaces and condensers. Owen  worked in tandem with another  heating contractor, Paul Fleming). Both had their sons helping. Owen, Paul and their sons, were extremely respectful, professional, and highly competent. This was a big job. We have a three zone heating/cooling system. Owen and Paul gave us several options that included various pricing. They also informed us that we would need to get insulation, as well as the ducts cleaned in order to achieve our goals. My husband and I felt like we truly were informed of the costs that we incurred. Both Owen and Paul told us they  would begin work on 6/11/12. They also said they  would work 6/12/12; 6/13/12; be of 6/14 & 6/15; return 6/25/12 through 6/29/12. Owen and Paul kept their word, and along with their sons, did a fantastic job! They laid down mats and other materials so that they would not mark the hardwood floors and rugs. They were efficient and neat and removed all of the debris. If you need heating and cooling systems, these are your guys! They even offered to come back once we get the insulation installed, so that they can check to see if it is done right so that it protects the furnace in the attic. We were completely satisfied and our highest recommendation for Owen Geoghegan.

My central air conditioning failed during one of the hottest times this summer. I called Owen (I had not used his services before this) and he promptly came out to diagnose my problem. Even though I could not find the users manual for my heating and cooling unit, Owen was extremely proficient and able to ascertain what was wrong. The fan was not working and several major parts needed to be replaced. Owen was able to obtain these parts in a very timely manner and my a/c was up and running which made my family and my dogs very, very happy! Owen also gave me several tips on how to reduce my electric bill....WOW!!!!...last months electric bill was nearly 40% less. The money I am going to save with Owen's tips will pay for my a/c repair in a matter of months! Owen is very professional, kind, ethical and a wonderful technician. I wouldn't think of using anyone else for my plumbing or heating and cooling needs.

We have an older home circa 1890's , and with that comes a lot of challenges. While we were looking for a company to replace our furnace we found out that most heating companies just had one thing in mind, just to replace the furnace. Which in all reality thats what we were looking for. The thing that stood out the most about Owen and Paul was they wanted to help us with our future plans. It cost $80 for them to come in and give us a quote, which was well worth every penny. They worked with us to give us all our options more then what we could even imagine. After meeting with a few Heating companies This was the only one that was able to give us viable options for our future home improvements. 
Paul and Owen were very good at explaining all the work that would be done. The furnace and water tank they installed is so compact you would barley notice that we have one in our basement. 
Owen, Paul & Paul worked very well together. They had a plan each day to accomplish and worked until it was completed. It took about 3 days from start to finish. This included orchestrating the removal of the old furnace and inspections from the town and gas company.

I can't say enough about them they did a great job we are so happy with our new furnace.

Excellent.  Owen came the same day to repair the plumbing problem.  He ran into difficulty with the repair but completed the work in a couple hours.  He replaced other parts like the drain assembly.  He cleaned up when he was done.  He was very pleasant and helpful and his work was well done.  Would definitely recommend him and hire him again.

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Irina Sears

We were very pleased with Owen Geoghegan Plumbing, as he made numerous repairs to our boiler. His prices are expensive, but we feel that he used his extensive experience to troubleshoot and take the time to more deeply examine the problems. He also spent the time to explain the intricacies of how our boiler functions and to show me the parts that were defective or needed cleaning. Finally, he was the most responsive of the plumbers I contacted.
Response from the owner
Thank you Irina for taking the time to write this nice review. I apprecite you for spending the time to understand the complexities of modern high efficiency heating equiptment, our conversations helped get to the underlying problems. Now that the boiler is working properly you should see better efficiency and you should not run out of hot water under normal conditions. Thanks again Irina, Happy Holidays.
[William De Joie]
William De Joie
1 review
11 months ago
I have used Geoghegan Plumbing several times, but this review is for the installation of a new heating boiler. The original system sprung a leak and needed immediate replacement. Owen did a review of the house heating area and suggested I downsized the boiler and install a more efficient system. The new boiler was installed and I have had a chance to evaluate the results. This winter I used far less oil than in other winters and the heat received was excellent.

A quick response, quality service and a fair price are things that come to mind about this company. It's nice to find a company that actually cares about the customer. They would receive (5) five stars for the work performed.
[Richard Yablonsky]
Richard Yablonsky
1 review
11 months ago
Owen replaced the aging hot water heater in my home as a precautionary measure at my request. He was friendly and professional before, during, and after the job. He arrived on time and gladly spent extra time explaining the system, answering my questions, and assisting with the energy rebate process. I would highly recommend Owen.
[Matt Monti]
Matt Monti
1 review
a year ago
Had a leaking water main valve and needed repair.Call town water dept and was told water meter needed replacement.Call plumber to remove ball valve .A new valve is supplied by Town so a new meter could be installed.Mr.Geoghegan Plumbing Co.came on time as promised .I was told that the repair would cost between 500-600 dollars.It took less than an hour to cut out the old valve and install the new one.He recommended adding pressure release tank which was added .Total time on job 1 1/2 hrs. Had to wait 1/2 hour for Town water dept worker to replace meter and turn water back on.Materials used ,6 pipe connectors,4 ft copper pipe,pressure tank,1 clamp.total cost $691.00 .$330 just to show up ,$ 180 pressure release tank,$180 for materials.Never had to deal with this problem before and was told by the Town water dept worker it was not a difficult job or a costly replacment.I think I got taken advantage of seeing that the ball valve and check valve and the meter were supplied by Norton Water dept.Never recommend Owen Geoghegan unless you want to over pay for service.
Response from the ownera year ago
Sorry you are feel you were taken advantage of with the services I provided by bringing potable water back into your home. I came prepared with all the proper materials to reconnect your water main to your water piping system that was out of service for four days.

I know that your wife was very happy when I was done with my work. 

The materials that you listed plus the ones that you missed are not always available at one or any supply house which is why I have a fully stocked truck to avoid driving around in circles looking for parts, the time needed to keep the trucked stocked is built into the repair cost. 

As I recall we never waited around for the water department in fact the water department was waiting for the repair to be completed. Nothing ever takes an hour to repair and things do look easy when a professional is performing these tasks, as you should know you had hired a handyman claiming to be a plumber days before who had no idea how to reconfigure the water meter connection, so I am perplexed on how you would compare the price of my services to the price offered by an individual who has no understanding or training in the art of plumbing and surely no understanding of overhead or productivity levels.

The repair performed at your home will likely last 40 to 50 years, if you had hired a trained plumber for the water valve repair that was done approximately 15 years earlier this problem would not have come about.

Metropolitan Area Planning Council 

60 Temple Place 

Boston, MA 02111 




Technology: Munchkin T-80M ASME high-efficiency boiler with SSU 45 hot water heater system (natural gas heat) 

Manufacturer: Heat Transfer Products, Inc. 

Owner: George Aronson 

Facility Type: Private residence 

Installation date: August 2007 

Installer: Owen Geoghegan, Plumbing and Heating (Norton, MA) 

Supplier: Heat Transfer Products, Inc. (Freetown, MA) 




After spending about $500 on his old boiler to replace leaky piping and a circulator pump, 

George Aronson, a resident of Sharon and active member of the Sharon Energy Advisory 

Committee, decided it was time to replace the system altogether, rather than spending any more 

money on band-aid repairs. George considered a Utica cast iron natural boiler but ultimately 

decided to install the more expensive, but more efficient, Munchkin boiler. 


Space and water heating constitute about a third of home energy use. Around 82% of 

Massachusetts homes heat with either natural gas or heating oil. Using December 2011 prices, the 

average home that heats with natural gas will spend around $700 to heat their home this winter, 

whereas the average home that heats with heating oil will spend around $2,700

George’s local contractor, Owen Geoghan, helped him access rebates offered through 

GasNetworks, the natural gas industry group. 


Before installing the Munchkin boiler, the Aronsons would keep the heat off until mid-November to 

save on heating bills. Now with a new efficient furnace, they can afford to heat 

October/November through April/May. Although their increased use of the heating system 

reduces energy savings, they have found the benefit of extra days of heat is worth it. Despite 

increased heating usage, their natural gas consumption declined by 38% after installing the 

Munchkin boiler. 


The new boiler saves about 670 therms per year. When George installed the system in 2007, he 

anticipated a simple payback time of about 9.6 years. However, since natural gas price have 

recently declined, the payback time may be closer to 13 years. 


An unexpected benefit of the new boiler came from the fact that the new furnace is much smaller, 

freeing up space in the basement and allowing for better use of the space! 


Note: The Munchkin boiler line was discontinued by the manufacturer, Heat Transfer Products, in 

January 2011. The new edition model is called the Elite boiler. 


Additional Resources 


 Residents considering an upgrade to their heating and/or hot water system should first 

contact the MassSave program for a home energy assessment. Call 866-527-SAVE to 

learn about more options or contact a Mass Save Participating Contractor.